Moldovan walnut (Juglans regia L.) biotypes studies from different pomological zones

  • Sergio МАPELLI Research Institute of Agricultural Biology and Biotechnology, Milano, Italy
  • Maria PINTEA Research Institute for Horticulture and Food Technologies, Republic of Moldova
  • Radu COZMIC Research Institute for Horticulture and Food Technologies, Republic of Moldova
  • Monica MATTANA Research Institute of Agricultural Biology and Biotechnology, Milano, Italy


Abstract. The studies were focused on evaluation of perspective local walnut biotypes, selected from different natural populations of local pomological zones (North, North-West, Central and partially South) of the Republic of Moldova. The whitest shell color and high index of kernel/endocarp relation: 45-59% of kernel were noticed at 13 biotypes of north zone. Most of the biotypes had a moderate kernel fill and shriveling score. In the same time the highest score of aroma, flavor and sweetness intensity was noted in central pomological zone (1Cmd, 2Cmd, 3Cmd, 17Cmd). In general bitterness, puckeriness and sweetness assessments greatly change among local varieties and biotypes. Crispness rating of the biotypes was almost the same in all zones. Thus, we suppose the existence of genetically important walnut (Juglans regia L.) genetical resources within Moldovan investigated area.

Key words: Juglans regia; Biotypes; Fruit; Organoleptic properties; Fatty acids; Republic of Moldova.


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