Theoretical researches of seed movement in radial seed tube

  • Andrei GHEORGHIŢA State Agrarian University of Moldova
  • Vladimir SERBIN State Agrarian University of Moldova


Abstract. The article presents theoretical studies of seeds movement in the radial seed tube. Mathematical dependencies that describe the movement of seeds in the air stream through the rotating seed tube have been established. The pattern of seeds moving along the seed tube in the function of the rotation angle, depending on the airflow speed and the angular speed of the planting section working wheel, has been determined. It has been proved, that to ensure the process of seed supply to the shutting working body, the air stream speed in the seed tube should be in 3... 4 times higher than the critical seed speed.

Key words: Rotating seed tube; Airflow; Second-order differential equation; Angular rotor speed; Taylor’s range; Critical seed speed.


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