Consideraţii cu privire la dezvoltarea conceptului şi strategiei consolidării terenurilor agricole  

  • Oleg HORJAN Universitatea Agrară de Stat din Moldova


The articlepresents data concerning the results of introducing pilot projects in 6 villages of the Republic of Moldova in2007-2009.Asa resultitwaspossibletoaccumulatethenecessaryexperiencefortheextension ofthese activities overall the country. Simultaneously, a number of difficulties and problems have been identified and without theirelimination itwillbedifficult toaccomplishtheseactivities. In2008,inMoldova,theGovernmenthasacceptedthe Program of land consolidation that was a premature step because such pilot projects haven’t been implemented yet, the Concept hasn’t been confirmed and the Strategy of land consolidation hasn’t been developed. Therefore, at present, it is necessary to concentrate our efforts to develop the Concept and Strategy of land consolidation and to improveactuallegal networkinthisfield. Thefactorsconstrainingtheimplementationoflandconsolidation aretaken intoconsideration and some measureson their elimination arerecommended.Anumber oftheoretical and practical problems which require examination and solution in the future are discussed.

 Key words: Agricultural land consolidation, Land reform, Land consolidation strategy, Land consolidation concept, Pilot projects.



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