Modificarea categoriei de destinaţie a terenurilor (aspect social, economic şi juridic)

  • Ion BOTNARENCO Ministerul Agriculturii şi Industriei Alimentare al RM
  • Efim ZUBCO Universitatea Agrară de Stat din Moldova


 The article is focused on the actual problem concerning land relations in the Republic of Moldova and namely the modification of land use category. The categories of land use are based on certain strict principles which include land productivity and subject´s needs. In these terms, the modification of land use category represents a follow-up of the land development process, an important link of land relations but not an arbitrary activity, viewed as separated from a whole. The discussion topic of this article is focused on the social, economic and juridical aspects of modifying land use category. In conclusion, the authors propose to find a solution according to a new scenario based on complying with the constitutional right of private property and using the land fund in the interest of whole society.

 Key words: Basic principles, Category, Land relations, Land use, Modifying the destination, Rural areas.


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