Creşterea producţiei de carne prin utilizarea hibridării în suinicultură

  • Ilie ROTARU Universitatea Agrară de Stat din Moldova


The experiments on different variants of hybrids have demonstrated a superiority of hybrids obtained using the Hampshire race. Carcasses with a higher length and better developed hams, globular and expanded till the shank, were obtained from the tri-racial hybrids: the Great White, Landrace and Pietrain. The mass content in the thigh, back and chest muscles, and also the muscle weight in chops of these hybrids were significantly higher. The study of the hematological and biochemical indexes of blood has demonstrated an increase in erythrocytes quantity. The content of hemoglobin was higher in the hybrids obtained with the participation of Pietrain and Landrace breeds. The protean fractions of younger hybrids from all the experimental lots were introduced in actual rules. Deviations according to the genotype were not reported.

Key words: Breed, Carcass, Fractions, Genotype, Hybrid, Muscle, Protean fractions.


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