Nivelul gamaglobulinelor totale în serul sangvin la puii vaccinaţi contra bronşitei infecţioase

  • GH. SAVUŢA Universitatea de Ştiinţe Agronomice şi Medicina Veterinară, Iaşi
  • Nicolae STARCIUC Universitatea Agrară de Stat din Moldova
  • Natalia OSADCI Universitatea Agrară de Stat din Moldova
  • Rita GOLBAN Universitatea Agrară de Stat din Moldova
  • Tudor SPĂTARU Universitatea Agrară de Stat din Moldova
  • Ruslan ANTOCI Universitatea Agrară de Stat din Moldova


This paper presents the level of total gammaglobulin of serum which was collected from chickens vaccinated against infectious bronchitis. For vaccination were used “H-120” and “Ma5+Clon30” strains, administrated by spray, aerosol method and with drinking water separate and in combination with the hidroalcoholic solution of pollen. The total level of gammaglobulin was established in the reaction of precipitation. Optimal level of total gammaglobulin in bird’s serum normally is between the limits 1:19 to 1:35., but in our investigation this parameters has the limits between 1:10,5 and 1:90

Key words: Blood serum, Chickens, Infectious bronchitis virus, Precipitation reaction, Serological investigation, Total gammaglobulin, Vaccine strains.


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SAVUŢA, GH. et al. Nivelul gamaglobulinelor totale în serul sangvin la puii vaccinaţi contra bronşitei infecţioase. Stiinta agricola, [S.l.], n. 2, p. 53-56, may 2017. ISSN 2587-3202. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 23 feb. 2024.
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