Potential use of the stinging nettle as an enhancer of weight gain and innate immune response in broiler chickens

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Carmen Dana ŞANDRU Mihaela NICULAE Emoke PALL Aurel VASIU Florinel BRUDASCA Marina SPÎNU


Researches were conducted to investigate the in vivo effect of an nettle plant alcohol extract on the phagocytosis and body weight in 48 days old broiler chickens (n=34). The birds were divided into three groups: subcutaneously injected with 0.5 ml of saline (control, n = 12), with 0.5 ml of alcohol (group II, n=11) or with 0.5 ml of alcoholic nettle extract (group III, n=11). Sterile heparinized blood, sampled on days 0, 7 and 13, was processed by an in vitro carbon particle inclusion test, the phagocytosis being expressed in optical density units. The birds were weighed simultaneously with the blood sampling. We concluded that a single nettle extract treatment does not significantly influence the phagocytosis, while the second administration intensified it. The alcoholic nettle extract had a beneficial effect on the body weight of broiler chickens.
Key words: Broiler chickens; Nettle extract; Phagocytosis; Body weight.

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ŞANDRU, Carmen Dana et al. Potential use of the stinging nettle as an enhancer of weight gain and innate immune response in broiler chickens. Stiinta agricola, [S.l.], n. 1, p. 119-122, july 2017. ISSN 2587-3202. Available at: <http://sa.uasm.md/index.php/sa/article/view/546>. Date accessed: 21 oct. 2018.
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